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If you could change one thing in your life what would it be? Be Free from the problems you face.

Problems and disorders do not define the people I treat they are just merely obstacles in the way of a better life. Brighter days are possible with a little help. So lets begin that change today. Once you embrace change anything is possible.

What would your life look like, if you were free from the problem you face today?

You’ve likely landed on this page because something in your life isn’t working out for you and you are seeking help to make changes or are struggling with a problem that you can’t seem to resolve on your own.  That’s good because one of the hardest steps to take is the first one and asking for help.  I’m here to help you resolve the problems you are facing right now, and find the best possible solution, help and treatment.  I want to help you and assist you with support, care and techniques, as you courageously take your next step with therapy and change. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have, because I’m here to help.

Your journey starts here

My methods

Your life story, your pain and your suffering and the problems you are facing are unique to you.  Therefore you need a therapy that is unique to you, that best suits your needs and can bring you fast and effective results.  From a highly competent, caring practitioner, providing you with the best possible care.  I tailor all of my treatments to your individual needs, combining cutting edge psychotherapy methods and collaborative therapies to effectively assist my clients to overcome the problems they face.  In a secure, caring, supportive, non-judgemental environment where you feel safe and relaxed.  We’ll spend time understanding exactly what you are experiencing,  and go deeper to see what feeling, senses, memories, beliefs exist underneath so we can get to the heart of the issue, and dissect the problem. Finding the best possible solution, care and treatment for you. Helping to provide hope for positive change. Results can be transformative.** It works safely and quickly, with very little effort needed from the client.



Whether its from a Traumatic event, Abuse, Shock, Accident, Medical Procedure, or unexpected loss of a loved one or a relationship.

overcome panic and anxiety

Including Phobias, Fears, Over-worrying, Over thinking situations, Social Anxiety, PTSD, Obsessions, or compulsions, Intrusive thoughts or feelings, Repetitive behaviours


Change negative feelings and behaviours you have about yourself. Increase your self confidence, worth and value. Start to see yourself differently.

if food is the enemy i can help you

Whether it's eating disorders, over eating, losing weight or weight management.

conquer your addictions

Including Smoking, Drugs, Drinking, Online Gaming, Gambling, Eating, Sex and Negative behavioural patterns.

Grief, loss and emotional wounds

Whether from losing a loved one or a relationship. Rejection and Abandonment, Abusive and Toxic Relationships, Heal emotional wounds and pass hurts, Prime yourself to find love again.

BE FREE FROM Depression and dissociation

Find out what the underlying cause and reasons underneath the depression, and dissociation.

If your problem is not stated above please call

As the methods I use cover many problems and disorders.


I had a phobia about going to the dentist I would gag and retch every time he would put tools or his hands in my mouth. I only had one treatment and it’s completely gone, even my dentist commented the last time I went, whatever Athynea does it works. I can now go to the dentist with-out been anxious or panicky, and I no longer gag or want to escape during procedures. Fantastic, would definitely recommend her.
I had a problem with blushing in public which I felt embarrassed and ashamed of, which was getting so bad I no longer wanted to leave the house or felt any joy in my life just an impending doom. Athynea not only treated it, so I no longer panicked when it happened, but gave me tools to use when I felt anxious. It really worked I can now laugh and joke with the check out lady, where as before I would avoid conversation altogether, I feel I’ve got my life back. Thank you
I was addicted to a legal form of recreational drug Spice, that was having a major impact on my life, and I was struggling to give up on my own. After having several treatments, we went deeper and deeper until we got to the core of why I was smoking the drug. After that I no longer felt any need to smoke it let alone any cravings, It was easy to give up. Athynea was warm and approachable I felt safe and relaxed. She has a non-judgemental approach which was refreshing.
After I split up with my husband I became anxious and suffered with Panic and depression. It really did work and helped to turn my life around! Can’t speak highly enough of this lady. Thank you for everything you have helped me with.
I suffered with panic attacks for over 10 years, through the knowledge and experience Athynea has, I was on the road to recovery almost straight away and was able cope with the panic until it no longer became an issue for me. I am now free from panic, something I never thought I’d be able to say. 5 stars all the way.
Market Harborough
I highly recommend Athynea, She’s friendly, approachable and I was able to relax and feel comfortable almost straight away. She helped me with my relationship issue, and now I have found love again and am able to commit. I highly recommend her.

These are the personal views and opinions of my clients.

**Results may vary from client to client and are not guaranteed, for my full disclaimer on treatments press here.

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